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Humanitarian Operations (HOPE) is a charity dedicated to helping those expriencing hardship. Founded in 2004 as a First Responder Disaster Relief Agency, we have provided aid at sites of major disasters around the world and helped thousands of people whose lives have been drastically transformed by catastrophe.

Our operations include search & rescue, evacuations, providing basic necessities such as food, water and clothing, and offering much needed support to the victims of humanitarian crises.

Historically HOPE was always the first to arrive at the scene of disaster. We know that the longer it takes to respond, the greater the suffering the victims have to endure. We apply the family test to our response. If your mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter were one of the victims, what would you do? Then we do it!

We love the work we do, and we strive to treat victims with the care and humility that they deserve.


The Humanitarian Operations (HOPE) mission has expanded. Whilst responding to a hurricane in the Caribbean, Louie at the age of 11, approached us with his vision for a global education platform. He didn’t understand why every child couldn’t be given the chance to read and type.

In a digital era, why can't the best advances in technology be used to help children rather than profit from them? Six years later HOPE is a world leader in AR technology, harnessing its power for good and making education free. Louie has now been joined by eleven other children, The HOPE Board of Directors (Youth).

We have learned a lot from our child directors, they see the world as it should be and we are doing everything we can to make it a reality.

The children have created partnerships with fashion brands that interact with their education app. Each fashion brand donates product for Humanitarian Operations to distribute to victims of disaster and the homeless. The children see a collaborative world where we all work together to bring about change for good.

We believe that the world could be a little brighter, so we’re encouraging happiness, laughter and love.

Our Partnership with HOPE 3G

HOPE 3G is an organisation set up by children for children, providing free, fun and educational content for kids, allowing them to learn, play and most importantly enjoy their childhood.

The kids behind HOPE 3G have been creating amazing products that go hand in hand with the HOPE app, including bedding sets, playmats and clothing ranges.

The revolutionary work done by HOPE 3G is helping to raise money for Humanitarian Operations’ educational resources programme.

If you would like to help support our initiatives, visit the HOPE 5D online shop to browse all the amazing products HERE.