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Humanitarian Operations started as a disaster relief agency in 2004 in response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Frances in The Bahamas. We successfully evacuated, fed and airlifted 2000 people from the West End in Grand Bahama using 3 helicopters and 1 aircraft, and succeeded with no casualties or fatalities.

We have been operating at the site of every major hurricane in the Caribbean since 2004 and in the US since 2005.

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After the 2004 tsunami, we were operational in Sri Lanka in the midst of the ongoing civil war between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan government. We provided relief aid to people on both sides and provided evacuation services in Thailand, transporting peopleto safe housing.

We were the first group in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. Our major relief operation involved airlifting people stranded on rooftops and rescuing people trapped in their homes. We also supplied large quantities of food and water to the residents of New Orleans.

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Humanitarian Operations was amongst the first groups to arrive in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. We offered our services to airlift victims and provided search and rescue assistance and food and water distribution. We provided aid in Port-Au-Prince and in relief camps on the border with the Dominican Republic.

Humanitarian Operations has also supported aid operations for forest fires in Brazil and provided airlifting services in Mexico. We assisted in the evacuation of the Cayman Islands following Hurricane Dean in 2007 and relief operations in Jamaica following Hurricane Ivan in 2004 and Hurricane Dean in 2007.

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Alongside our relief operations, we provide psychological care at the site of crises and assist children who have lost parents due to disaster, caring for them until permanent care or housing can be arranged.

Our relief operations are supported and partly funded by HOPE 3G and HOPE 5D. This partnership allows us to continue with our work in places that have been ravaged by disaster, and we are grateful for the help they give us. We are so excited for the future of this partnership.

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